Special Election, Senate District 28: Marilee Adams Stowell

  • Tell us your name, and why you decided to run for this position.

My name is Marilee Stowell, and as a farmer, small business owner and employee in southern Utah I know what it takes to create jobs, balance a budget, cut costs, and make payroll each week. I want to bring those skills to the Utah State Senate and limit government based on the principles found in our federal and state constitutions. I also want to build on the legacy of my late husband, move his priorities forward, and work the betterment of Senate District 28 and Utah.
  • Please talk about a few bills from the past 5 years that you were glad passed or did not pass.

I have been involved and instrumental with the passage of over 50 bills with Dennis over the past five years. A bill from the 2011 Legislative session I would like to highlight is SB 10 and SB 20-Local District Amendments which amended provisions to a local district created to acquire or assess groundwater rights. Other significant and memorable bills where I have been involved with include State Sovereignty Concurrent Resolution, Escalante Heritage Hole-in-the-rock Center, Bail Bond Act Amendments, Surety Requirements for Mining, Scenic By-Ways, and State Board of Regents Amendments requiring the Board of Regents of the Utah System of Higher Education to have rural representation.
  • Please tell us about a few of the bills from the past five years that you wish had a different outcome (i.e., if they did not pass you wish they had because... or if they did pass, why you wouldn't have voted for them, or would not now vote for them).

I would have liked to have seen a different outcome to HB 477, GRAMA amendments. While changes to current GRAMA law need to be assessed and determined, the bill seemingly reduced the freedom of information and accountability of elected officials and no government can be of the people, by the people, and for the people unless it’s open to the people. Another bill I was discontented with was proceedings related to the Resolution in support of a Veterans Nursing Home-HJR 9 in 2010 and 2011. The original bill language supported a Veterans Home in southern Utah and the bill language was changed in conference committee to only include Washington County. I felt the original bill language was conducive to an open and fair process for the site selection of the home. I am extremely happy Washington County is getting the Veterans home but decisions should not be made arbitrarily and surrounding counties should have the ability to participate in the site selection process.
  • What are the major things that you would like to accomplish if you are elected?

I would like to continue to accomplish Dennis priorities, goals and unfinished business particularly in areas of job creation, economic development, conservative values especially related to balanced budget and limited government, public lands, public lands management, energy and natural resource development, renewable energy development, redistricting, Second Amendment Rights, endangered species, education, states’ rights and sovereignty, family values, and governmental transparency.
  • How will you know when you have completed your work in the Senate?

The good folks in Senate District 28 decide when my work is completed but the short answer is when ineffectiveness abounds or when one thinks you know more than the people you represent.
  • What is one trait you have that will make you especially effective if you are selected?

Several traits come to mind but I have firsthand experience with the Legislative process, including knowledge of the issues that Dennis fought so diligently to address. I have the necessary tools, resources and essential relationships with District 28 communities, members of the Legislature, and staff to succeed and excel in this position.  I live a conservative lifestyle steeped in agriculture and public service and will defend the constitution and maintain our traditional values. I am a hard worker and have attended every Legislative session for the last five years. Before the last five years in the Legislature I have been involved for over twenty years with public service and local government in southern Utah.
  • What committees would you like to be on as a Senator?

Executive Appropriations
Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment both standing and appropriations Committees
Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development both standing and appropriations Committees Committee
Education both standing and appropriations Committees
Transportation and Public Utilities and Technology