Useful Resources The official resource for election information in Utah, not comprehensive, but a good place to start.   Current Utah Candidates (Link needs to be updated).  Find useful information about the Utah legislature. Bills, representatives, contact info and more.  If you want to see where our local candidates are getting their money this is a great resource. The Federal Elections Committee: Lists all candidates for Federal Offices, and Shares information about campaign Finances. Covers a Wide range of Candidates and topics. A unique and fun way to learn more about your candidates. You pick the race and the things you care about, and it ranks the candidates. (not current yet) A good place to see if what they are saying is true. A good place to see if what they are saying is true. The governments general portal to all government internet information. The official page of the White House. If you want to know more about your current Senators, this is the place.

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