Special Election, A Message from Allen Smith

This message was sent out the the delegates, but is being reposted here 
just in case you didn't get yours.
Dear Delegate,
Thank you for your efforts.  Let's work together and make a difference.   Federal and State governments have lost sight of their purpose.  I think it's time to take a fresh "smell of the roses."  Special interest legislation is creating a society that ignores the majority.  The odd thing is that the legislation aimed to help special causes never seems to solve their problems but only increases the cost of government, which cost we bear.
My experience as a businessman and as an active party member has shown that one person with the right focus can make a difference.  I have held positions in Utah County and Millard County, even as Chairman, and have shown my desire is to make polititions accountable and if elected will become a voice of the people.
I would appreciate your consideration.
Allen Smith, Candidate