Special Election, A Message from: Marilee Adams Stowell

This message was sent out to the delegates,
but is being reposted here in case you have not received it.


I am Marilee Adams Stowell and I am a candidate for public office in the Utah State Senate for District 28, representing Kane, Garfield, Washington, Iron, Beaver, and Millard Counties. I am honored to be asked by so many people to fulfill the term of my husband, the late Senator Dennis Stowell, through the Utah GOP process and appointment by Utah Governor Gary Herbert.

My husband and I shared the same values and goals and together have accomplished many great things over the span of our 44 years together. Building on that legacy, I will continue to pursue and move his priorities forward and work for the betterment of southwestern Utah. I live a conservative lifestyle steeped in agriculture and public service and will defend the constitution and maintain our traditional values. Likewise, my qualifications for the Utah Senate represent the values of the residents in rural areas of District 28, as well as those of our conservative Republican platform. Through my service, I am prepared to fight for limited and a more efficient government, support for small business, and lower taxes at every level.

I have firsthand experience with the Legislative process, including knowledge of the issues that Dennis fought so diligently to address. This includes having acquired the necessary tools and essential relationships with District 28 communities, members of the Legislature, and staff to succeed and carry-on in this position.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending every Legislative session for the last five years and was at my husband’s side every step of the way for all his elected capacities.

I will do my best to represent District 28 with a common-sense approach for addressing important issues and workable solutions—especially those related to public lands, mineral and water rights management, redistricting, agriculture, and education. While Dennis and I may have had different talents, we both shared the same dedication, commitment to work, and ability to be effective. 

Thank you for this opportunity and your support is much appreciated.


Marilee A. Stowell
PO Box 796
Parowan, Utah 84761