Special Election, Senate District 28: Keith Harrison

A message from Keith Harrison

I am reposting this from my email, in case you didn't get yours.
I noticed some of the email address on the official list are invalid.

Dear Fellow Delegates,

As you prepare for the Special Caucus Meeting this Saturday, you are getting communications from the several candidates, including myself, telling you why you should vote for them.

As with every campaign, short or long, you are given information that is hoped will appeal to enough people to convince you to vote for a particular candidate. The job you have is to be able to cut through the fluff and generalizations and actually see what each one of us has to offer that is going to truly make a difference.

Let us begin with the obvious things we’re all going to say:
  • We want limited government
  • We want to fight for land and water issues that are going to be for the best interests of our friends and neighbors in our district
  • We want lower taxes
  • We want more jobs
  • We want the best education for our kids
  • We want an effective and reasonable way to deal with immigration and illegal aliens
  • We want to return to the principles the Constitution

It’s going to take more than “glittering generalities” and one liners to be an effective legislator. It takes solid and specific plans that will target what needs to be accomplished.  It takes an unwavering dedication to fight for the principles that have made our country the greatest. Finally, it takes the ability to bring good people together to fight for these worthy causes.

I have specific plans of action that can be immediately implemented to put the federal government on notice that we are not going to tolerate the continual violation of our constitutional right to life, liberty and property without due process. I have specific plans that will empower our counties to deal with these violations and enable them to protect us as they have sworn to do.

It’s time to make some changes that will get us going in the right direction. We have that opportunity to start on Saturday. Together, we can do it.  Please come and give me the opportunity to meet you. I look forward to serving you.

Most respectfully,

Keith Harrison