Special Election, Senate District 28: Casey Anderson

  • Tell us your name, and why you decided to run for this position.
Casey Anderson - I am running because government is too big and too expensive and we need a New Generation of Leaders to get involved and do the hard work that needs to be done.

  • Please talk about a few bills from the past 5 years that you were glad passed or did not pass.
I was thankful to see the voucher bill of 2007 passed and signed into law by the governor.  I feel there was a lot of misinformation out there and was disappointed to see the results.  I feel in the current political climate, where budgets and fiscal responsibility are at the forefront of issues, that it should be reconsidered.

I did not support HB477 and feel that government transparency must be protected at all cost.

I do not support the 261% spending increase that has taken place since 1990 and support reasonable spending caps in the Utah Constitution.

  • What are the major things that you would like to accomplish if you are elected?
Improvement in National Ranking as far as overall tax burden.  Utah is currently ranked 20th highest in the Nation for taxes.  As a conservative State, this is unacceptable.

Accountability, competition, and options for parents in educating our children will help keep costs down and reduce class sizes - improving quality in education.

The State Senate returned to a geographically based representation rather than a population based representation.  The checks and balanced involved in this system with the Federal Government is a sound principle in protecting the Principles of our Republican.  Having two Senators per State is important to protecting the ability of citizens to vote with their feet.

  • How will you know when you have completed your work in the Senate?
The work is never done and we must never become complacent or else our freedoms will once again be eroded over time.

  • What is one trait you have that will make you especially effective if you are selected?
Principled and passionate.  I will spend more time working and building further experience because I care more about reducing the size and scope of government.  I am not running for self-gain, or special interests and that will allow me to be more effective in getting results.

  • What committees would you like to be on as a Senator?
Any committee that will allow me to have an effective voice in representing the diverse group of constituents in this district.  There are 12 standing committees and each committee can have the ability to promote good governing principles.  Appropriations, Education, and Agriculture will all be important aspects of my work as a State Senator.