Our Local Leaders Updates Coming Soon!

OurLocalLeaders.com is a new website to learn about local politicians, both those currently serving and those who are running for national, state or local offices.

Our goal is to help you feel better informed. We do this by interviewing the candidates and publishing the results. We are also hoping to publish a statewide calendar of political events, so you can participate in local events and get to really know the candidates. Occasionally we may even add transcripts or videos of these events all available to you at no cost... except your time.
The last few years we covered multiple cities in the Southern Utah area. This year we are looking to cover candidates and races from all parts of Utah.

We will have information about municipal candidates later this summer, and information about the general election this fall.

Thanks for your interest in our local politics. We good people are inform and involved our government is better. That is our mission.