Iron County Candidates

Primary results can be found at the link below:


Information about the candidates for public office in Enoch can be found at the link below.

Mayor, 2-year term
  • Geoffrey L. Chesnut  (324 votes)
  • Worth H. Grimshaw  (216 votes)
  • Steven M. Clarke  (135 votes)

City Council
  • David D. Harris  (417 votes)
  • Shawn Stoor  (407 votes)
  • David F. Owens  (272 votes)
  • Brent Taylor  (246 votes)
  • Debra Andrejcik Ley  (193 votes)
  • Wayne Grimshaw  (173 votes)
  • Cassie Easley  (158 votes)  Eliminated in Primary
  • William (Bill) Roach  (16 votes)  Eliminated in Primary
  • Rich Lile  (9 votes)  Eliminated in Primary

Cedar City

The Micheal O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service is hosting the Cedar City Council Debate Thursday, October 22nd from 6:30-8:00pm in the Sharwan Smith Center Ballroom. Join them to learn about the candidates. Also click the links below for more information.
Three questions for the candidates

Brian Head