Iron County Commission Seat B: Allison Howes

Full Name: Allison Howes

Office you are running for: County Commissioner Seat B

How long have you lived in Iron County?
I was born in Cedar City in 1972 and lived here my whole life.

What do you see as your top priorities if you are elected?
Spending tax money wisely. I believe that taxes are sacred and they are to be used to the benefit of the county as a whole and not to small special interests. With the economic problems in the nation we need to be more careful about expenditures and need to use it wisely.

Why are you running for this office?
I was asked by the Constitution Party to consider serving my county in this capacity and am honored by the trust they have in me.

What is your professional background?
I have been a school bus driver for 15 years and a professional secretary in different capacities since graduating from SUU. I am not a professional politician in fact I don’t believe there should be professional politicians. I feel that the citizens of this great county should take turns serving and helping their community.

What is the last book you read?
I am going to school so I would have to say my textbooks. I am also reading www.urimandthummim.god-a fascinating book about an archaeologist looking for the Urim and Thummim.

What would you like to improve about the management of Iron County?
I think that we are losing too many of our freedoms; freedom to use our property as we see fit, losing water rights, the inability to deal with prairie dogs on our own without government interference, losing the right to use our county roads due to federal government interference.

What is your position on federal funding for prairie dog control in Iron County?
I do not believe the Federal Government has any business in our county. We need to stop accepting their money with all the “strings” attached. It may not be possible immediately, but I don’t feel that the Federal Government should be as large as it is and needs to be constrained by the people.

What do you believe is the best solution for Iron County's energy needs?
We need to allow and encourage the freedom to care for our needs the way we want to. The free market system gives the opportunity for all to care for themselves and to share with their neighbors their own ingenuity. I think this is important for the morale of the people and the economy.

What is your vision for providing water in Iron County in the coming years?
I believe that we have all the resources we need in these beautiful mountains. I believe there is plenty of runoff that if there is a problem with inadequate capacity in the aquifers, which I don’t believe, then we should utilize the water in our own mountains, use our own man-power and initiative to recharge the aquifers on our own.

What is the county's role regarding property rights?
I think property belongs to the people and only the most basic involvement of the government should be allowed. With freedom there is risk but there is also personal responsibility, challenge, and growth.

What is your plan for management of county tax dollars?
No spending of tax dollars for that that is no concern of the government. The county government should be trimmed back and curb its spending for only that which the whole county will benefit from, not small, specific groups. Debt is bondage and our people deserve to be free.

What would you like to see more of in Iron County?
I would like to limit the fees, restrictions, and difficulties of people opening and running their own businesses. I would like to see a community that can work together providing its own needs. I would like to see us all working together for the common good, helping each other and building a strong economy.

What principles of good government will you follow to help you in your decisions?
I believe that the Golden Rule is as much as, or more, applicable to government than individuals. If an individual is not allowed to take something that does not belong to them and give it to someone else, the government isn’t allowed to either. I believe that we should be a caring, moral people and should make correct choices based on our conscience and allow others the same. I do not believe it is for government to Rule Over the people, but to be ruled over by the people. The people of the community need to have more say about what is going on, but in light of disagreement that would be the time the government steps in to hopefully make the responsible wise choice.

Why should we vote for you?
I want to serve my community with honesty and integrity the best way that I know how. I may not be perfect and I may not have previous experience, but I am willing and determined to give it my best to help my community grow and strengthen.

What is the best way for people to learn more about you?
Visit the Constitution Party website for our party platform. I am working on getting my personal views online.