Iron County Commission Seat B: Dale Brinkerhoff

Full Name:
Dale Brinkerhoff

How long have you lived in Iron County?:
Suzanne and I moved to Cedar City in 1966 with our family to attend school and work. We have four children, all graduates of SUU. Cedar continues to be the best place in the world to live and raise a family. It is my commitment to keep crime down and maintain the home town atmosphere that we all enjoy.

What do you see as your top priorities if you are elected?:

1. Fiscal responsibility and accountability.
2. Abundant clean water and safe, sanitary sewer.
3. Law,order and gang awareness.
4. Personal property rights.
5. Industry, jobs and income.
6. Prairie dogs and eminent domain.
7. Accessible and responsive elected officials.

Why are you running for this office?:
Because I will make necessary improvements to county government. I have the administrative, financial, construction and political experience to analyze the problems and the integrity to make the right decision and stand by it.

What is your professional background?:
SUU Plant Superintendent, 33 years; Port 15 Utah, Project Manager and Velocity Construction, Project Manager.

Elected Offices:
Cedar City Council
Kane County Commission
South Central Utah Telephone Association, Board of Directors
SUU Staff Association, President

Board Member Appointments:
Central Utah Water Conservancy District
Utah State Solar Advisory Council
Utah State Value Based Procurement System
Regional Waste Water Treatment Facility
Equestrian Center

Governor’s Award for Energy Excellence , four consecutive years.
Published article: “Coping with summer boiler shutdown.” AIPE, 1986

What is the last book you read?:
1776 by David McCullough

What would you like to improve about the management of Iron County?:
Streamline operations, consolidate services, minimize taxes, improve equipment, and provide specialized training as needed.

What is your position on federal funding for prairie dog control in Iron County?:
As long as the Prairie Dog protection is an unfunded mandate to the county, the Federal Government has an obligation to upfront the funds for the program. Without funding, the Government should remove its self from the process and allow the county to administer the program.

What do you believe is the best solution for Iron County's energy needs?:
Support Rocky Mountain Power’s master plan for improvements; expand the fuel storage capacity along the rail corridor; promote geothermal, hydro, solar, wind and coal; expand natural gas service within the county; encourage bi-fuel vehicles and increase greater bulk fuel storage within the cities.

What is your vision for providing water in Iron County in the coming years?:

* Clearly define the cost /benefit ratio of the Lake Powell Pipeline, provide public information and discussion and then decide if there is sufficient interest to place the issue before the tax payers.
* Pump 900,000.000 gallons of treated effluent to Quichipa for winter storage, and then use it for summer agricultural needs in exchange for underground water.
* Expand storage facilities.
* Pursue 39,000 acre feet of water rights in Western Beaver County.
* Drill deep exploratory wells in the hard rock canyons west of Quichipa and in the Navajo sand stone formation east of I-15.
* Purchase land with water and purchase water rights on the market. Promote conservation through agricultural, landscape and domestic improvements.
* Locally administered ground water management plans.

What is the county's role regarding property rights?:
Proper respect for private ownership, limited use of eminent domain and fair compensation when it is applied

What is your plan for management of county tax dollars?:
Monthly review of tax collections and expenditures,monthly reports from all departments and budget control.

What would you like to see more of in Iron County?:
Shopping, retail sales, manufacturing, mining, construction, timber harvest, rail and air service, and interstate activities. Additional medical services, educational and cultural opportunities.

What principles of good government will you follow to help you in your decisions?:
I will study the issues, seek public input and apply strict budget control. All major purchases will be reviewed. Is the expenditure in the best interest of Iron County? Have we budgeted for it, can we justify it and can we afford it? I am fiscally conservative and a strong supporter of capitalism and free enterprise.

Why should we vote for you?:
I will carefully research issues and vote according to the best interest of the citizens. I believe in sound fiscal policies and understand the budget process. I have the experience to recognize value. I am available. I return all calls and follow up on matters of concern. I have a reputation for protecting your interests, rights, money and families and will continue to do so.

What is the best way for people to learn more about you?:
Review my voting record and past performance of public service. Call anytime 435-559-1852 or email to I welcome your questions and comments.