Neil Walter

Neil Walter of Santa Clara, Utah has filed as a Republican candidate for the office of United States Representative in district 2.
Why are you running for this office?

The recession has been difficult for everyone. It lasted longer and was deeper than most of us expected. My students at Dixie State asked hard questions about how the recession started and how we get out. As I thought about their questions and began to look toward the future, I realized that someone with my background could be helpful in addressing the financial issues in Washington DC. We need more people with strong financial backgrounds and entrepreneurial experience.

The tipping point for me was realizing that the current leadership in Washington DC was saying they wanted economic growth and job creation but their policies were discouraging investors, businesses, and consumers. I concluded that the most significant thing I could do to help my family, my neighbors, my jobless students, and my struggling business clients was to help change the agenda in Washington DC.

We need to put our country on a solid financial footing and move toward an innovative and dynamic economy that competes aggressively in world markets. We have all had to reevaluate our needs and adjust our priorities because of the recent recession. It is time to put this country's house in order as well.
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I Matter said...

I, for one, am extremely glad he is not our congressman. He doesn't care, plain and simple. My experience with him is that he is smug, dismissive and unable to deal with the average person. He has really great credentials, who cares? He doesn't understand people.